Free Mac OS X PDF Editors

When you need to edit a PDF, you really need to edit a PDF.

The free Preview app that comes with Mac OS X can annotate and do some simple operations on PDF files, but does not have a feature to edit the actual text.

I tried the following free or trial PDF editors on Mac OS X 8.5 for editing text on a 30-page Firefox “print to PDF.”

Product Recommendation Notes
Libre Office for Mac (Open Source) Recommended Does a great job of editing text
Inkscape (Open Source) Not Recommended Can only edit first page “due to SVG spec” unless you install plugin
Mac OSX Preview (Manual) Not Recommended Can remove PDF pages, copy text and add text.
iSkysoft PDF Editor Trial Not Recommended Can edit text, but inserts large yellow watermark on save

iSkySoft Watermark
iSkySoft Watermark

Multiple page support for Inkscape

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