Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Review

I don’t often go to the movies, but saw ‘Rogue One’ with a date.

The first half seemed kind of slow and disconnected, dealing with various rebel assassination plots (!) on Jedah and Eadu. Good visuals but weak story-telling.

The protagonist, Jyn Eros, portrayed by Felicity Jones, must be a pretty bad actor to have her mother killed in front of her, yet convey being unsympathetic and uninvolved throughout most of the film – I’d rather watch paint dry.

However, the second half dealing with the invasion and destruction of the Imperial base at Scarif and testing of the Death Star was riveting.

Darth Vader’s brutal but ultimately futile light-saber fight scene at the end will please action fans.

And seeing a youthful Princess Leia (CGI) at the end receiving the Deathstar plans was a nice surprise.

The rebels’ companion robot, a re-programmed Imperial model named K-2SO, was intelligent and funny enough to be unsettling. Admiral “Fishlips” Raddus a Mon Calamari, also provided comedic distraction.

Admiral “Fishlips” Raddus. Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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