Microservices: Java MicroProfile Links

Java DukeFrom the MicroProfile FAQ:

“The MicroProfile is a baseline platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple MicroProfile runtimes.

The initially planned baseline is JAX-RS + CDI + JSON-P, with the intent of community having an active role in the MicroProfile definition and roadmap.”

Looks more like a a REST bundle to me that avoids fixing Java’s inherent flaws:

  1. long GC pauses (seconds)
  2. bloated memory consumption (GBs)
  3. slow start-up time (seconds)
  4. crashes from exceeding pre-configured heap size
  5. licence confusion – is it Apache v2? EPL? “Copyrights are inconsistent at the moment”? what does Oracle say?

microprofile.io: Home, FAQ
theregister.co.uk: MicroServices-friendly Java lands on Eclipse
eclipse.org: Eclipse MicroProfile

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