Mac OS X TextEdit Reads and Writes Microsoft Word Formats

TextEdit IconWow. Who knew the little TextEdit application supports .doc, .docx and PDF formats?

This actually worked for me today:

  1. I imported some Word 97/5.0 business documents
  2. updated and saved them
  3. and I exported them as PDF.

So you can do light but professional documentation, invoicing, etc. without installing additional software.

For multi-column and chart formatting, just use the the Format => Table… menu option, similar to old-school HTML layout. You can set the table cell borders to 0 pixels to make them disappear.

Bonus tip: Preview, which is also included with Mac OS X, can be used to professionally annotate images. If you’re a manager or engineer, you will love the results. Just click on Tools … Annotate. Opening DOCX Files on a Mac, Without Microsoft Office

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