Ecommerce Weather Report for Manila in 2016

Current consumer ecommerce weather report for Manila in Dec., 2016 …

US ecommerce sites – Just Say No

Manila sellers are wary of Facebook Pages commissions on retail listings, and “meh” on ebay for the same reason. Craigslist is free but doesn’t have any mindshare in Manila.

Southeast-Asian ecommerce sites – Just Say Yes

So they’re going with Lazada, probably #1 in Manila, or Shopee, which is ad-supported, and Carousell.

Shoppee is owned by the Garena Group of Singapore. They have registered country-specific top-level domains (TLDs) for each Asian country supported.

How Shopee works:

  • buyers and sellers download iPhone or Android mobile app or use web site to upload and view listings
  • Shoppee Customer Support, local to each Asian country, approves photos
  • buyers and sellers can apply for free shipping
  • Shoppee shows ad banners for $$$$.

I got a tour of the Shopee office. It’s similar to Silicon Valley start-up offices, but has a staffed reception area. 🙂

Car Hire

The most popular car apps are Uber and Grab. Riders use car apps because buses and the MRT (train) are inadequate for longer commutes, and unsafe due to petty criminal gangs. Drivers see car apps as a way to pay off their car loan, and to kill time, due to rampant underemployment.

Uber is rumored to have increased Manila traffic by the equivalent of 19,000 cars. Rush hour used to be 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 8 pm. Now it’s 6 am to midnite. (In the USA, there have been mixed reports of increased traffic. SF is reported to have problems, while Phoenix less.

Uber passengers used to cancel arriving sub-compact hatchbacks like the Toyota Wigo (MSRP USD$10,000) in favor of sedans, but the Wigo is getting more respect 2 years after market introduction.

Garena’s Shopee could be on its way to beating Carousell in Asia

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