Cessna Skycatcher 162 Inventory Crushed

The sorry tale of the Cessna 162 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) has finally concluded. The remaining 80 airplanes have been crushed with a backhoe outside the the Chinese factory, including the installed engines and avionics.

It’s believed that liability insurance and parts support didn’t pencil out for the accountants. Crushing solved the liability problem, and also any agreements with suppliers like Continental and Garmin prohibiting resale.

Kind of a shame they couldn’t have sold them to the Chinese government for $1 for use in flight training in exchange for indemnity from lawsuits.

Of the original 1,000 projected orders, 200 were actually delivered and 80 crushed.

There were many problems with the 162:

  1. capabilities were Day and Night VFR, not IMC.
  2. 1,320 pounds gross weight only left room for one American after full fuel with this design
  3. flight schools required a separate check-out, even if you had 152 and 172 experience. This involved additional expense and searching for a slender CFI.
  4. price was high for flight schools given the above limitations. The 162 had teething problems, and some owners had to replace the ADHARS twice
  5. assembled in China, unlike most trainers.

Crushing C162 with a Backhoe
Crushing C162 with a Backhoe
Crushing C162 with a Backhoe
Crushing C162 with a Backhoe
Crushing C162 with a Backhoe

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2 Responses to Cessna Skycatcher 162 Inventory Crushed

  1. Jeffrey Hoprich says:

    With this kind of corporate thinking, Cessna should be allowed to build and sell even a dog house in the United States. This amounts to outright fraud, market and sell this light weight piece of trash to an unsuspecting American public for $149,000 per aircraft and then willing make an orphan out of this aircraft so that all of their owners can’t give them away or even maintain what they have and can’t get rid of. Cessna needs to be made to reimburse all of these aircraft owners the fair market value of their aircraft and buy them back just as Beechcraft did with the “Starships” they sold back in 90’s. Short of this Cessna should not be permitted to sell another aircraft in the USA and their corporate management made to face fraud charges and do time for this travestry. Cessna’s board of directors should demand this action.

  2. Alex says:

    Have to agree with Jeff’s thinking. Can’t completely blame them from pulling out of the LSA market, and decision to not make any more Skycatchers. But destroying this stock of replacement parts? They surely has other ways to limit their liability without throwing the existing Skycatcher owners completely under the bus.

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