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Microservices: Java MicroProfile Links

From the MicroProfile FAQ: “The MicroProfile is a baseline platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple MicroProfile runtimes. The initially planned baseline is JAX-RS + CDI + JSON-P, with the intent … Continue reading

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Aerodynamics: Rolling Gs

Avweb has an interesting article on ‘Extreme Maneuvering’ about practical applications of the FAA commercial aerobatic maneuvers (chandelles, lazy 8’s, steep spirals) that mentioned “rolling G’s.” A rolling G occurs when you maneuver an aircraft in more than one axis … Continue reading

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Ecommerce Weather Report for Manila in 2016

Current consumer ecommerce weather report for Manila in Dec., 2016 … US ecommerce sites – Just Say No Manila sellers are wary of Facebook Pages commissions on retail listings, and “meh” on ebay for the same reason. Craigslist is free … Continue reading

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Notes for Installing Percona Xtradb Cluster 5.7 on CentOS 5

Percona supports Percona Xtradb Cluster 5.7 on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, but not CentOS 5. You can install the RPMs or tarball binary, but on start will see various package dependencies that can’t be resolved on openssl.0.10 and others. … Continue reading

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Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Review

I don’t often go to the movies, but saw ‘Rogue One’ with a date. The first half seemed kind of slow and disconnected, dealing with various rebel assassination plots (!) on Jedah and Eadu. Good visuals but weak story-telling. The … Continue reading

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