How to Build Linux rkt Container Manager on CentOS 6.7

Linux logoInstalling the rkt container manager on CentOS 6.x with yum will give you this error:

# yum -y install go rkt
# rkt run
rkt: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by rkt)

glibc is not something you can easily upgrade yourself, but you can build rkt from source. On CentOS 6.6 and 6.7, this works:


sudo yum install -y go squashfs-tools libacl-devel glibc-static trousers-devel

wget &&
tar zxvf - < v1.15.0.tar.gz &&
cd rkt-1.15.0 &&

echo "insert 'echo' at line 5667 to workaround old autogen bug"
vi configure

./configure --disable-sdjournal --with-stage1-flavors=fly --disable-tpm &&
echo 'readlink -f "$@"' > realpath &&
chmod +x realpath &&
export PATH=$PATH:. &&
# now test by downloading a Docker Ubuntu image and running it (requires about 256 MB RAM)
sudo ./build-rkt-1.15.0/target/bin/rkt run --interactive docker://ubuntu --insecure-options=image

CoreOS Issue #1063: build with old glibc so rkt runs on CentOS 6?

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