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apis.json File AKA sitemap.xml for APIs

apis.json is a site discovery format like sitemap.xml, but for your APIs. It is an open project to create a new standard by some ambitious API evangelists . Steps to create your own apis.json file: look at existing files featured … Continue reading

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Retro: GeoCities Cage Photos [1999]

I had a chance to see the GeoCities Exodus 1 cage in 2000 when I was at eBay Payments. It used LaCie JBOD stacked to the ceiling as storage devices, and a 3′ diameter floor fan to move the hot … Continue reading

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TransAsia Airways Shuts Down After Two Horrific Accidents

Finally. TransAsia Shuts Down Amid Safety, Financial Problems

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GitLab Validating Ceph in Production For Me Spikes are Outages. OSD = Ceph Object Storage Daemon It would be easy for me to criticize GitLab for using a distributed file system in production, especially Ceph, in AWS. I just wouldn’t roll that way. And it would … Continue reading

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Congrats to Cirrus on Type Certificate for SF50 Jet

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet – almost actual size! Congrats to Cirrus Aircraft on receiving an FAA type certificate for their new SF50 Vision Jet. It’s a short-range single-engine 4-seat passenger jet for $1.5 million with a parachute that can be … Continue reading

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