REST API Client Computer Languages and Frameworks Survey

I recently wrote REST API client programs in several programming languages as a subproject of my Perl REST API Framework, and had some surprises, both good and bad.

I would have gladly just linked to somebody else’s sample clients, but I couldn’t find any remotely complete or professional-grade code (complete working program with error-handling, Basic auth and timeout.)

The closest to useful REST clients that I saw were the Java tutorials by, RESTful Java client with Apache HttpClient

Here’s my notes:


  • tough to find the a working HTTP class for Java 1.8 on Centos7. I couldn’t get Apache HTTPClient imports working, so I ended up using HttpURLConnection
  • first experience with immutable data collections – quite jarring to realize you have to copy anything returned from a library first to change it. And an int is not an Integer, and a String is not a StringBuffer. Hahaha, good one!
  • somewhat of a learning curve for java build process. See for a minimal build tool
  • lint: javac -Xlint:all
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Java’s legendary slowness and memory bloat are from the above issues, obvious even from a 200-line program.
  • since Java uses block scope, when you add try/catch/finally blocks, variables referenced in catch/finally blocks must be moved outside the enclosing try scope. Makes code a lot messier. In Java 7, try-with-resource partially solves that.


  • overall, programming in Go is a pretty nice experience. The included net/http package has everything you need.
  • but “encoding/json” is overly-complicated. Some XML-head must have designed it.
  • not sure why Go treats unused modules and variables as fatal compiler errors
  • http.StatusNoContent appears to be missing from package net/http


  • used the requests HTTP module
  • felt comfortable until running Pylint and discovering how freaky the python community can get (scoring my working program -1.5/10, but getting 10/10 after whitespace-only changes. Really?)
  • nice indenting: -r -s 4 -e


  • used the httparty HTTP framework
  • elegant, beautiful OO code without even trying.


  • got it working the fastest, but then took longer to polish it
  • wish there was a lint for PHP


  • not bad – straight-forward to do various requests and get responses


  • inadequate for REST API programming, more for manually fetching files only


  • LWP is mature, well-documented and readily available and made Perl the easiest scripting language to work with overall
  • Perl’s built-in lint checking (strict and diagnostics) is much appreciated after its lack in PHP, Python and bash.

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