I found jMeter, however, really easy to use.

Java DukeSo, let me get this straight

  • Java is not safe for use in servers because of GC pauses.
  • And it’s not safe for use in clients because of GC pauses.

Doesn’t leave much left! 🙂

Thanks to Greg Lindahl, founder of Blekko, for making my day. You’re The Man when it comes to performance!

Another good one that made *me* pause:

  • Me at ApacheCon 2009: “So how do you like programming in Java?”
  • Random Attendee in Wifi tables area: “It’s great. Not sure why people gripe about memory consumption.”
  • Me: “Really. Show me your Java app.”
  • Random Attendee: “Well, my Macbook Air doesn’t have enough RAM.” 🙂


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