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John Collins “The Paper Airplane Guy”

CNN linked to a video of John Collins, “The Paper Airplane Guy.” John holds the world-record for paper airplane distance throwing. I had a chance to see John live recently when he gave a lecture and demo at my office … Continue reading

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Does Software Rot?

Back in the day, Joel wrote an infamous post asserting that “software doesn’t rot” over time. I believe Joel was addressing the tendency of new programmers on a project to avoid learning the old codebase and write a new one … Continue reading

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Perl Petstore Enhanced REST API Framework

I’ve been doing a lot of work with REST APIs and microservices, so I decided to write a complete REST API framework in Perl based on the Mojolicious and Swagger2 Petstore sample. You can git clone the repo and add … Continue reading

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Hawaii Trip 2016 – What’s New in Waikiki

Spent Labor Day weekend in Waikiki. I enjoy going there every few years and seeing what’s new. However, it’s been completely built out as a mall, so looks kind of corporate now. To combat that, plan to climb Diamondhead and … Continue reading

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Re: Botched Go-around Appears To Have Led to Emirates 777 Crash

As a commercially-rated airline pilot who reads accident reports, I always tingle when I fly on anything but a USA majors flight in less than perfect weather. The recent Emirates 777 crash in Dubai is a case in point. The … Continue reading

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