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HOWTO: CentOS 7/Redhat 7 Firewalld Setup for Cassandra Server

How to do initial firewalld configuration for Cassandra Server and Opscenter on CentOS/Redhat 7 with 2 network interfaces, in my case Dell 1950/2950. First: verify that your network interfaces are associated with a NetworkManager zone: # grep -i zone /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* … Continue reading

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Notes on Virtualbox 4.3.30 and OS X 10.8.5 for CentOS 7

Virtualbox 4.3.30 on OS X 10.8.5 with CentOS 7 guest VMs work ok on my notebook for web development, but setup was a little fussy. I use VMs for: general web development and testing, to stay off the production environment … Continue reading

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Notes on Upgrading from CentOS 5 to CentOS 7

If CentOS 5 or 6 still work fine for you and you’re happy with the security updates you’re getting, then there’s no pressing need to upgrade. I had motivation (to use the Cairo graphics libraries) to upgrade some web servers … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Profiling with the Linux ts Command

Sometimes when you’re investigating server performance issues, you don’t have the luxury of a full development suite installed with tools like a profiler. It turns out that the linux ts command, included in moreutils, can be surprisingly helpful. It can … Continue reading

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