SVLUG: Daniel Klopp on Docker

Linux Penguin LogoAt Silicon Valley Users Group (SVLUG) tonite, Daniel Klopp, Senior Technical Consultant, Taos Consulting, gave an intermediate talk on “Docker.”

He had some really informative and detailed slides on using Docker, especially his cgroup commands samples.

Some of the interesting things he mentioned were:

  1. cgroups are nested
  2. Docker currently has a limit of 127 “layers”, with prior layers appearing to be read-only to the current layer
  3. Docker is high-level enough to run on multiple operating systems, including both linux and windows

Daniel Klopp

Daniel Klopp

One attendee mentioned that a work-around for the insecure nature of Docker is to combine it with SELinux, though that will involve a fair amount of work.

Over 400 people RSVPed on a related Meetup, and over 150 people attended, a record for this decade.

Pasta Spread

Great turnout!

Pasta Spread

Salad, meat lasagna, pasta alfredo, veggie lasagna from Taos!

Thanks to Taos for providing food for all. Taos has job postings for sys admin, network admin, devops and help desk IT persons.

Thanks to Symantec once again for hosting the event.

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