Percona MySQL Conference 2015

Wed. Keynotes


5 companies
Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Twitter
Percona and MariaDB
Please use apache CLA CEO
Multisource replication from Taobao
Spider Sharding
Atomic writes with Fusion IO/Sandisk
18% faster with 1/4 writes
Coneect Storage Engine for Federation
Galera integrated
Encryption by Google – tablespace and table
Amazon Aurora
Maxscale proxy

Tomas Ulin, Oracle
MySQL 5.7
– Optimizer improvements
– JSON support in pipeline
– GIS rewrite
– Innodb improvements
– native partitions. Bug fixes and transportable tabelspaces
– dynamic buffer pool size
– group replication
– Fabric 1.5
– Workbench 6.3
– MySQL Cluster 7.4 GA ???

Robert Hodges, Continuent/VMware
– “VMware is creating a new kind of hybrid cloud”
– vSphere 6 FT – cpu/ram mirror over 10 Gb Ethernet up to 4 vcpus
– but maintenance still needs continuent
– information week 2014 db popularity
– tunsten replication to vertica, redshift, oracle, hadoop


Lightning Talks


Percona Acquires Tokutek!

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