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Lessons from “Gear-Up Mishap Was Botched Go-Around”

Hitting the runway on a go-around is not the greatest airmanship, but the Aerostar pilot did one thing right: he didn’t panic and continued flying the airplane. Aerostar with curled props after ground contact. It is interesting to see that … Continue reading

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GNU Parted Alignment Check Option

GNU Parted 2.1 (available in Redhat 6+) has a very interesting option for storage engineers, sysadmins and DBAs: 2.4.1 align-check Command: align-check align-type n Determine whether the starting sector of partition n meets the disk’s selected alignment criteria. align-type must … Continue reading

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Percona MySQL Conference 2015

Wed. Keynotes WebscaleSQL 5 companies Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Twitter Percona and MariaDB Please use apache CLA CEO Multisource replication from Taobao Spider Sharding Atomic writes with Fusion IO/Sandisk 18% faster with 1/4 writes Coneect Storage Engine for Federation … Continue reading

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O’Reilly: Managing Mission-Critical Domains and DNS

It’s been a while since I looked forward to a book, but this one by Mark Jeftovic, founder & CEO of easyDNS Technologies Inc, of looks pretty interesting: What’s amusing is that Amazon lists it as #1 in “Hot … Continue reading

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Drones and ADS-B

AvWeb has a very interesting article on possible Google involvement with drones and ADS-B. For those new to ADS-B, at a high level it is digital beacon that must be installed on all airliners world-wide, and in the USA all … Continue reading

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