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IFR Magazine: Danger Below MDA?

AvWeb has a chilling reprint from IFR Magazine on US airlines intentionally descending below the approach plate MDA … “Flight inspection noted that a GPWS alert was received at the reported location if the aircraft continued to follow the published … Continue reading

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Why Can’t ISPs Handle SPF Records?

I’m always appalled when I need to setup a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record using ISP zone file editors. It took ThePlanet (now owned by IBM/SoftLayer) 5 years to fix their web interface to handle valid SPF records (re-edit and … Continue reading

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How to Make mod_rewrite Do What You Mean

A Yahoo! engineer once said to me, “The most important feature of Apache httpd is mod_rewrite. It allows large sites like ours that have frequent content structure changes to be controlled with redirects.” But mod_rewrite seems as stubborn as a … Continue reading

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Developing Twitter Apps with Perl

Most of the Twitter-related blogs and sample code on the web are obsolete, so I wrote this overview for 2015. The most important things to know are: Twitter API 1.1 is required using OAuth and SSL your must register with … Continue reading

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