Jenkins Localization

Jenkins LogoJenkins, an Open Source continuous integration product written in Java, has some interesting localization features.

“Normally, Jenkins honors the browser’s language preference if a translation is available for the preferred language, and uses the system default locale for messages during a build.

The Jenkins Locale Plugin allows you to:

  • override the system default locale to the language of your choice
  • ignore browser’s language preference completely.”

To facilitate crowd-sourced translations, there is the Jenkins Translation Assistance Plugin in the footer. Currently 62 languages are supported.

Jenkins Translation Widget
Jenkins Translation Widget

Some good things about the widget are that it makes it easy for users to contribute translations of a few words, without installing a build system a la Mozilla. Also, users can see context, as the widget only shows strings for the current screen.

The not so good things are that since users can’t see all the strings at one time (like in an excel, the main tool of translators), there will be less phrasing consistency, and slogging through 2,000 phrases 5 or 10 at a time is inefficient.

Also, there are many bugs in the UI event programming for the checkboxes and language picker in my version, 1.578.

Jenkins Internationalization

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