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Installing Datastax Cassandra and Python Driver on CentOS 5

Cassandra can run on CentOS 5.x, but there is no yum repo support. If you can’t upgrade linux distros, here’s how to install Datastax Cassandra Community Edition and the python cassandra driver on CentOS 5.x. It’s not difficult, but there’s … Continue reading

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Napa Earthquake 6.0

I was awake in Sunnyvale around 3 am during the 6.0 “Napa Earthquake” (officially the “American Canyon Earthquake”.) I knew immediately it was over 5.0 because the walls were moving and groaning, for about 30 seconds. Napa suffered almost 200 … Continue reading

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Bay Area Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Rentals

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) have two advantages: lower rental cost and lower fuel burn, typically around 4 gallons/hour can fly with “drivers licence medical” instead of FAA airman medical. Airport FBO Airplane Tail Price (Block)/hr Verified Notes RHV AeroDynamic (formerly … Continue reading

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