Jeppesen Tech Star Flight Computer Manual

I haven’t seen any Jeppesen Tech Star Flight Computer manuals online, so here’s a feature summary.


  • uses 4xAAA batteries, thus prone to corrosion
  • comes with plastic film to protect keyboard (leave it on)
  • math calculations are instant, but menu takes 2 seconds
  • arrow keys not used
  • no constant memory
  • no Mach calculations


Menus are simple … what you see is what you get. That’s all.
right function button – input value from current display
CMP right function button – calculate output


RCL RCL- view all 6 memory locations
STO 1-6 – save current display value to a memory location
RCL 1-6 – restore memory location to current display value

Missing Features

Use the following formula to calculate TAS from Mach number:

TAS = approximate square root to one decimal place(Celsius + 273.15) * 38.94 * Mach number

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  1. Have Blue says:

    I was recently given a TechStar by a friend, and it included the manual. I took the opportunity to scan it in, and have the .pdfs freshly posted here:

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