Garmin GPSMap 96C GPS Updates

Garmin 96C
Originally, the Garmin 96C shipped with a 2006 GPS database.

The Feb. 2011 obstacle database size increased enough to require a new version of the software, 3.0.0.

The 96C software update steps are:

  1. connect USB cable (regular to mini) from 96C to Windows computer. The 96C USB port is located underneath the rubber circular cover, while the narrow oval cover is for the external antenna connector. Both covers can be easily pried up without removing the screws. Almost all Garmin GPSes use the same USB cable. Turn GPS on.
  2. you will be alerted if you need to install a Windows USB driver, if not download USB driver (free download) from Garmin and install first
  3. Backup custom waypoints, flightlog, etc.
  4. Install 96C Version 3.0.0 software (free download from Garmin)
  5. verify successful software installation (choose Menu … System … Software Version). It should say 3.0.0.
  6. Purchase new map database from Garmin ($50) or buy a coupon from ebay ($40.)

Garmin Aviation databases are updated every 28 days.

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