SVLUG: SSH: Tips and Tricks

Linux LogoTonite at the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group (SVLUG), Jess Males gave an interesting talk on “SSH: Tips and Tricks”, including uncommon options, creating tunnels and running remote commands like tcpdump.

Jess was an East Coast sysadmin who worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory before arriving in Silicon Valley recently.

Some tips and tricks:

  • To remove known_hosts entries:
    ssh-keygen -R hostname

  • To reduce encryption overhead on intranets:
    ssh -c arcfour

  • remote wireshark:
    wireshark -k -i <(ssh -l root remote-host "dumpcap -P -w - -f 'not tcp port 22'") more

Afterwards, four of us had a spirited talk at Tied House on Puppet vs. Chef, sightseeing Spanish Missions and djb anecdotes. 🙂

Thanks again to Symantec for hosting tonite’s meeting.

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