Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Failed Aerobatics Experiment?

I guess it’s time for me to speculate on what happened to Flight 370 …

1) After following the news for the past 2 weeks, I’m going with this:

One or more of the pilots disabled the transponder and tried aerobatics maneuvers in the plane – and broke the plane, causing mechanical and pressurization failures. The pilots were too embarrassed to radio a Mayday and eventually lost control of the plane.

(Barrel rolls in airliners like the Boeing 367-80 have been done before.)

Southeast-asian airlines still lack operational maturity, and it’s entirely possible this happened.

2) more mundane reasons could be a failed hijacking, or a pressurization problem.

I was on the sister ship of the Indonesian Adam Air Flight 574 that was lost for 10 days in 2007, so it’s unfortunate to see a repeat this soon.

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