Canon 50D Gets Firmware Upgrade for RAW Video

I don’t shoot videos with my DSLR cameras, but it’s nice anyway that Magic Lantern has created reversible firmware to add RAW video to the Canon 50D, since I own one:

RAW Video DSLR Comparison: Canon 50D vs. Canon 5D Mark II

I have a lot of high-capacity pro Lexar and Sandisk CF cards, so I will probably keep using the 50D and other bodies from that era as long as they continue to function.

Slashdot has an interesting comment on why Magic Lantern used a Nikon lens while testing Canon bodies, and why manual-focus, non-zoom lenses are best for shooting video.

(Colleagues of mine who are shopping for a DSLR generally say they want video capability for recording family events. High WAF.) Can I Use Custom Firmware With My Canon, Nikon or Panasonic Camera?

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