Monthly Archives: May 2013 Building a Web-Scale Search Engine with Perl

Greg Lindahl, Founder and CTO of, an alternative search engine, gave a fascinating talk tonite at Silicon Valley Perl Mongers on “Building a Web-Scale Search Engine with Perl.” “Over the past 5 years we’ve built a web-scale search engine … Continue reading

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Cloud and Dedicated Hosting VPNs

Generally most businesses want a VPN from their office campus to their external hosting provider (“the Cloud”.) The benefits of a VPN are: single network gateway for manageability can bind Cloud server daemons and services to private addresses for additional … Continue reading

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Canon 50D Gets Firmware Upgrade for RAW Video

I don’t shoot videos with my DSLR cameras, but it’s nice anyway that Magic Lantern has created reversible firmware to add RAW video to the Canon 50D, since I own one: RAW Video DSLR Comparison: Canon 50D vs. Canon 5D … Continue reading

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State of Mobile Internet in the Philippines 2013

I was in Manila for the Memorial Day weekend, and went to the beautiful new Robinsons Magnolia Mall in New Manila, Quezon City. Here’s some info I got in the Globe Telecom store on the current state of mobile (phone … Continue reading

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Database Architecture: System of Record and MySQL Multi-Master Products

As MySQL multi-master products (Galera, Percona Xtradb Cluster/Galera, Tungsten Replication, etc.) proliferate, a question arises, “How do they support the notion of “The system of record”? There’s 3 aspects of implementing the system of record (non-trivial in of multi-master systems): … Continue reading

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