Percona Live MySQL Conference And Expo 2013

MySQL LogoThe Percona Live MySQL Conference was held once again at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Percona did a great job of organizing the show, with a good program, full exhibits area, and a few thousand attendees.

Oracle even sent speakers this year!

The big news announcements at this conference were:

  1. SkySQL is merging with Monty Program, the MariaDB developers. Monty is remaining independent on the MariaDB Foundation
  2. Tokutek has Open Sourced their tokudb storage engine and it is already in MariaDB
  3. Oracle did a great job adding features to MySQL 5.6, but those features are a bug festival that will take a year to clean up. Since the replication binlog format has changed, users of third-party replication products will have to wait for an update to use 5.6.
  4. MySQL 5.6 has Bug #68460 – blocked with FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK + SHOW SLAVE STATUS

Some suggested improvements for next year:

  1. BoFs should be two per nite, starting at 6 pm or 7 pm, not one at 6 pm
  2. every year, I suggest that there be a room for storage and SSD vendors to demonstrate systems
  3. after the closing keynote, possibly have a hacking session area.

Tuesday Keynotes

Birds of a Feather Sessions

BoF: MySQL 5.6 Deep Dive
Luis Soares, Sunny Bains, Dimitri KRAVTCHUK

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Peter Z. mentioned wanting parallel queries to take advantage of multi-core servers. An Oracle programmer replied that actually Innodb has vestigial framework code for that, but it’s likely bitrotted
  • an audience member asked a vague question about how to get more than 10,000 connections, and there were a bunch of vague responses, including that there are hard-coded limits in the MySQL source code

BoF: MariaDB
Colin Charles, Monty

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • SkySQL is absorbing the MariaDB developers, with Monty remaining independent on the MariaDB Foundation
  • an audience member inquired about NDB support in MySQL, Monty said it would take $5 million to update it
  • roadmap after MariaDB 10 is MariaDB 11 🙂
  • database development requires a QA process, always write tests
  • an audience member asked how to get a feature added. Monty replied there’s 3 ways:
    1. write a patch to show how, for rewrite by a committer
    2. write a check
    3. submit description to Google Summer of Code.

    You can also file a bug or worklog and hope for the best.

Wednesday Keynotes

    Robert is an excellent speaker, one of the best I’ve seen at an Open Source conference. He starts with the CAP theorem and launches from there.


    Moderator: Terry Erisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Percona

    Brian Aker: Fellow, HP Cloud Division (wants online DML and easier mgmt. of clusters of servers)
    Robert Hodges: CEO, Continuent (many users hit a wall at 3 TB and migrate to Oracle, wants more competition amongst 3rd party MySQL developers)
    Simone Brunozzi: Senior Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
    Peter Zaitsev: CEO, Percona (wants parallel queries to make better use of multi-core servers, more community effort)

Community Networking Reception (in Expo Hall) MySQL Community Awards & Lightning Talks

Giuseppe Maxia’s MySQL Sandbox won the Community Application of the Year Award.

There were some strong lightning talks, particularly:

  • LeFred (Percona Europe) “Easy Schema Migration” with his online-migration tool
  • Domas (Facebook) “SSD at Facebook”
  • Sabika Makhdoom (thePlatform), a female DBA, “Time Saving Technique for Changing Replication Masters”

MySQL Paradise – Song Parody

Thursday Keynotes

Percona Closing Remarks and Expo Prize Giveaway

Most of the exhibitors and sponsors provided a moderately expensive gift, usually an iPad, that was drawn against the completed “exhibitor bingo card” submissions.

I won a Nest Learning Thermostat.

Exhibitions Area

The Expo area was very energetic. There were about two dozen commercial booths, plus the Dot Org pavilion.

SphinxSearch, the C-language #2 Open Source full-text search engine, had a booth. Besides having a great search engine that you can download for your website or forum, you can also engage them to install, optimize or customize the behavior.

Looker demoed an interesting BI tool that is a halfway point between TOAD and a fully-custom DW. After a DBA or programmer defines the BI schema, Looker autogenerates SQL to hyperlink BI queries.

There were 4 flash vendors, most with PCIe cards:

  1. Fusion IO Direct Acceleration Products – $10,000+ for ioDrive2, volume discount for ioScale product (Google, Facebook, Apple are the most likely customers)
  2. Micron – $7,000+
  3. STEC – $4,000+
  4. Virident

There were 2 non-MySQL databases:

  1. Clustrix (a MySQL-protocol-compatible appliance starting with 3 flash-based bricks and an almost zero-latency network fabric, great for Black Friday, travel discounts or other spiky ecommerce) $120,000+ or lease for $7k/month
  2. NuoDB (Jim Starkey‘s new database venture)

There were 3 MySQL Proxy vendors:

  1. Scalebase gives you a comprehensive range of features to do traffic directing based on your MySQL query stream, including automatic and rules-based sharding. I spent about 10 minutes looking at the UI with their engineer, and was able to figure out how to add sharding even to legacy custom apps
  2. GreenSQL Security Proxy, Sam Friedman, Director of Sales, 1 347 329 2937, sam -ATTTT- This proxy helps protect your frequently vulnerable web apps from malicious Internet traffic – awesome for companies that deploy PHP community projects and can’t update every time there’s a CERT issued.
  3. ScaleArc

There were 4 MySQL Database-as-a-service companies:

  1. Amazon RDS for MySQL
  2. Rackspace Database as a Service
  3. ClearDB (multi-cloud and multi-region!) – Michael Russo, VP Sales & Marketing 469 828 3439 x 505, michael -ATTTT-
  4. HP Cloud – Bruce Basil Matthews, Cloud Evangelist, bruce.matthews -ATTTT-, 760 553 3197

There were 3 MySQL support companies:

  1. Percona
  2. Pythian – Robert Groth, Director of Sales 613 565 8696 x422, groth -ATTT-
  3. PalaminoDB

Thanks to Percona for organizing the conference again this year, and to Oracle for their serious participation in a third-party event.

Percona Live MySQL Conference 2013: Keynotes Recordings, Slides
YouTube: Percona MySQL Channel
There is no reason at all to use MySQL: MariaDB, MySQL founder Michael Widenius

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