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TechShop LogoI was in downtown San Jose today in the area of TechShop, so I dropped in for a tour.

It’s a maker facility for people who like to build things. Members pay a monthly membership fee for access to all equipment. The only exception is the waterjet cutter costs $2/minute.

Members must attend a safety class before operating dangerous equipment, use their own drill bits, and supply any materials not found in the donations area.

I was very impressed with both the size of the facility, and its approximately 100 machines.

Some of the machines members can reserve include:

  • Tormach 4-axis CNC router, lathe accessory and work holders
  • large waterjet cutter
  • ShopBot CNC routers, including a 4’x8′
  • 3D scanner and MakerBot 3D printers
  • Epilog laser cutters
  • CNC sewing machine
  • assorted drill presses, lathes, a cooled metal saw and bending machines.

There’s also a classroom and paint booth. They have the Autodesk suite including Inventor, Eagle PCB and 2 SolidWorks stations.

The lobby has some stock for sale, but very little metal aside from angle iron and rods.

The first TechShop location was Menlo Park, opened in October 1, 2006. Currently there’s 6 TechShop locations with 3 in the Bay Area: Menlo Park, San Francisco and San Jose.

The Menlo Park location is in an industrial area with lots of storage space. Members can even store a shipping container outside for a monthly fee.

The first anniversary of the San Jose location is Sept. 22, 2012. There was a party from 12 pm to 6 pm.

They had a bbq, DJ and exhibit area outside the main entrance in the parking lot. Pioneer/Los Gatos High Schools exhibited their FIRST robot, along with a photo montage. Very impressive work. They are looking for mentors and sponsorship, as the competition entry fee alone is $5,000.

TechShop, Inc.
300 South 2nd St.
San Jose, CA 95133
408 916 4144

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