Campbell Metal Supply, San Jose

Campbell Metal Supply LogoI stopped by Campbell Metal Supply, in San Jose.

They have a large supply of round, square, rectangular and hex bar stock and panel steel and aluminum alloys, and offer cutting services. They are not a recycling depot.

They also have a remainders (rem) section for $3/pound that’s open to the public. These pre-cut items are very handy for DIYers. There’s a surprising number of steel and aluminum round rems that look like drink coasters.

By contrast, Home Depot only sells rebar, angle iron and rod products in aluminum and steel.

Sample rems, available in steel and aluminum for $3/pound.

Edges are sharp and remainders are oily, so I recommend wearing gloves if you plan to handle anything.

There is also a drill rod (tool steel) stand near the door.

They have several cutting machines, and will cut their material or yours (toll processing), or you can DIY/CNC yourself at home. 🙂

According to their web site, they were founded in 1982 after Judge Metal went out of business. So happy 30th anniversary!

Campbell Metal Supply
569 Charcot Avenue, San Jose, CA
(408) 432-4890
FAX (408) 432-4891

Rem Center Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8-5
Friday: 8-4:30

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2 Responses to Campbell Metal Supply, San Jose

  1. william estrada says:

    do you stock V-rail?

  2. The best way to find out is to drive down there and talk to a staff member. While you’re there, you can browse the scrap area for odds and ends.

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