IMUG: Translation Performance Metrics

Tonite at IMUG, Rebecca Ray from Common Sense Advisory talked about “Translation Performance Metrics.”

Translation cost is minuscule compared to the revenue it enables: less than 1% for most companies.

Centralized groups have fastest turnaround-time at 24 days, vs. average of 30 days for other groups.

5 or less FTEs do 60% of the work. A lot of outsourcing.

Word counts are going down, but some is moving to audio/video.

2/3 of projects are using more than 11 languages now!

(My feeling is that we’re going over 10 languages just because last decade we did 10, and now we do a few more languages each year. Only Google has said, “We’re going to support 99% of the users on earth in their native language.”)

Maybe ask the customer what level of quality is important, rather than be driven by company stakeholders.

What is the cost of an FTE in managing translation vendor projects?

Smart managers are using long-term contractors instead of FTEs.

“Cost per word” vs. impact of project. Product documentation is fairly easy to justify, but marketing programs need to be evaluated per product per market.

Instead of metrics on words, languages, projects do cost of content, brochure, etc. Cost to produce, manage, maintain each piece of content including overhead and external costs.

How does finance and accounting categorize and count things? How does that affect how and what you measure?

“measure” or “maysure”?

Thanks to Adobe for hosting the meeting tonite.

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