Silicon Valley Perl Mongers: Continuous Integration using Jenkins

Perl LogoJoe McMahon of White Hat Security talked about “Continuous Integration using Jenkins” tonite.

Joe spent about half the time discussing Perl test harnesses (Test::More, Test::WWW::Selenium, Devel::Cover, etc.) and the other half on Jenkins CI.

Although Perl scripts are run by an interpreter and seldom need to be “built” like a C program, a CI tool can be used to:

  • run the test suite, log errors and notify the authors
  • test with multiple slaves using different versions of Perl or OSes
  • create a distro tarball, AMI, etc.
  • be used as a cron server for monitoring, etc.

Joe recommends that developers should be able to do a test run in under 5 minutes. There can be longer tests that analyze code coverage, third-party modules, etc.

Jenkins is easy to get started with:

  1. fetch a package from Jenkins CI
  2. run jenkins:
    $ nohup java -jar jenkins.war > $LOGFILE 2>&1
  3. configure it with the web-based admin tool on port 8080.

Thanks again to the Sunnyvale Plug & Play Tech Center for hosting the event.

wikipedia: Jenkins CI

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