Cassandra User Group: Jonathan Ellis Discusses Cassandra 1.1

At the Cassandra User Group Meetup tonite, Jonathan Ellis discussed Apache Cassandra 1.1 for an hour and answered questions.

Jonathan Ellis is project chair for Apache Cassandra and co-founder of DataStax.

“Apache Cassandra 1.1 includes several significant new features, like live traffic sampling, row level isolation, and full support for CQL. If you haven’t looked at Cassandra in a while, or are just now starting to check it out, this is a great opportunity to find out where it is now, and where it’s going.”

Jonathon Ellis, Datastax

Jonathan emoting.

Jonathon Ellis, Datastax

Jonathan tweeting.

A few hundred people showed up.

Datastax provided swag, wings, mini rolls, salsa, cookies and soda.

Thanks to Apple for hosting the event tonite.

DataStax Dev Blog

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