My Updated Elite Flight Simulator

Below is my updated Elite Flight Simulator. It was approved as an FAA Basic Airplane Training Device (BATD) by the previous owner, who is now an airline pilot:

My Elite AP-3000 with PFC Cirrus II

The console is a PFC Cirrus II and the avionics console is the Elite AP-3000. The left-hand monitor is used by the student to fly, and the right-hand one by the instructor to monitor flight progress on a map and to sneakily fail instruments. 🙂

Here’s a nice custom panel using Saitek modules that petersunder4as4 is ebaying:

The Depco Simhawk below seems like a low-cost alternative console. It’s available on ebay for $300 to $500 and is compatible with MS Flight Simulator, and is used by some school flight departments:

Depco Simhawk Console

For those on a really tight budget, for $17.00 you can get a kit from to modify a keyboard or keypad to simulate a console:

Keyboard Simulated Console

Something else to think about is using a touchscreen instead of a hardware console:

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  1. BigC208 says:


    What did you do with your old flight control and avionics stack?

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