Extreme Wi-Fi Makeover – Paris Edition

Interesting article on how “IETF attendees re-engineer their hotel’s Wi-Fi network in Paris.”

Similar to the “proper” approach taken by the IETF, when I had problems at my hotel in Tokyo one trip, I documented them with some traceroutes, then worked with the hotel to bring in technicians to replace overheating equipment. (It helped that a multinational company with a nearby HQ made my hotel booking.) 🙂

In Southeast Asia, my experience has been that the access points generally work better than the ISP does.

The national phone carriers in Indonesia (Telkom/Speedy) and Philippines (PLDT/myDSL) are vastly oversubscribed with 5% to 30% packet loss and 500 ms pings to PAIX, and even worse when it rains.

The solution is to find a location served by an undersubscribed business ISP startup:

Normally they have 0% packet loss with 200 to 230 ms pings to PAIX. They also have gigabit MAN access in the capital regions of Manila and Jakarta.

wikipedia: Fiber to the premises by country
ViaSat and WildBlue’s Exede

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