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My Updated Elite Flight Simulator

Below is my updated Elite Flight Simulator. It was approved as an FAA Basic Airplane Training Device (BATD) by the previous owner, who is now an airline pilot: The console is a PFC Cirrus II and the avionics console is … Continue reading

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Extreme Wi-Fi Makeover – Paris Edition

Interesting article on how “IETF attendees re-engineer their hotel’s Wi-Fi network in Paris.” Similar to the “proper” approach taken by the IETF, when I had problems at my hotel in Tokyo one trip, I documented them with some traceroutes, then … Continue reading

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Cassandra Meetup at Netflix 2012

Photo credit: Jeff Crilly. I went to the Silicon Valley Cassandra User Group Meetup at Netflix HQ tonite in Los Gatos. Several Netflix Cloud Database staff were available to present and answer questions about using Cassandra. Vijay Parthasarathy, a new … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines 737-800 Coming Soon

Uh oh … if you’re a Southwest Airlines frequent flier, some bad news: they’re configuring the new 737-800 with 175 seats, 38 more than the 737-400. If you’re taller than average, good luck with your knees. Of course, Southwest is … Continue reading

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awstats and iOS devices

I was looking at my installation of awstats and noticed that 20% of visitors were being assigned a browser type of ‘Unknown’. Apple iOS users, in fact. awstats 7.0 can be updated to support iPads/iPhones with a patch at this … Continue reading

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