Commercial Use of PC Flight Simulators

PC flight simulator programs have come a long way since Bruce Artwick published some magazine articles in 1979.

In fact, they have been adopted by several aerospace companies!

Year Program Platform Licensee
1990s-Present Elite WM FAA-approved, used by flight schools world-wide
2000 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 W Evans & Sutherland Flight Simulators (rumor – their full-page ads resembled FS2000.) This division was sold to Rockwell Collins in 2006
2000s-Present X-Plane WML Level 2 is FAA-approved, used by flight schools world-wide, also Garmin Avionics for ground laboratory
2000s-Present FlightGear WML Open Source project, so used by many organizations and research departments. Rumored to be used by ATC.
2009-Present Microsoft Flight Simulator 2006 (FSX) SP2 ESP W Lockheed Prepar3D available for $499 for non-entertainment use only.

FSX is controversial in requiring the most powerful hardware to run with reasonable framerates due to using DX9 Shader 2. Also, all versions of FS200x exhibit minor stuttering in turns because of chronic bugs in loading and displaying scenery.

Meet Microsoft ESP: the engine behind Flight Simulator X
Performance Issues in FSX
wikipedia: Microsoft Flight Simulator

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