Recent Nova Documentaries on WW2

Nova recently aired 2 good WW2 documentaries.

Bombing Hitler’s Dams

A British scientist rediscovers the physics and engineering behind the bouncing bombs used to destroy 2 German dams in the Ruhr Valley, and tests his theories on a 1/4 scale dam in Canada. He used a consumer video camera on a tripod to substantially reduce the amount of experimentation needed.

I wasn’t aware of the scale of the original raid, with 33 bombers assigned.

wikipedia: Bouncing bomb

3D Spies of WWII

I wasn’t expecting much from this one, but I sat with my jaw on the floor as they showed original WW2 stereograms and scale models of V1 and V2 factories and launch facilities, as well as the Ruhr dam bomb damage.

The producers were able to interview the original Spitfire photo-recon pilots and photo interpreters.

One pilot said he was flying and saw a vertical contrail from a a V2 rocket, but was unable to photograph it.

Britain and the USA had photo interpreter facilities close to each other in London, and cooperated on advanced camera technology.

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