BIND and DHCP Open Day, Menlo Park

I went to ISC’s BIND and DHCP Open Day in Menlo Park.

There was a good turnout, with about 30 outside attendees and about the same of ISC staff. 3 BIND developers from the Czech and Chinese registrars also attended, as well as Cricket Liu.

Here’s my notes.


– can learn what you need to know (50%) in a day, lifetime for the next 50%


– monolithic program
– 10 years old
– different syntax than BIND8, 30% slower

User Story – Quick Refresh at AOL

– VMs spark up in 9.5 seconds, but DNS takes 15 minutes or more to propagate in their system
– goal is 5 minute updates across globe


– sponsored by 10 TLDs, unlike BIND9 which was sponsored by Big Iron vendors
– TLDs represent registrars, users or citizens
– started April 1, 2009
– 5 year plan
– now on year3 – features and performance
– release every 6 weeks
– will be no slower than BIND9
– postfix processes model, not threads
– scalable across cores
– modular
– logging
– reporting
– save cache object to memory or network, could be 10s to 100s of MB
– no query or response logging, use tcpdump
– look at DLZ

DNS Provider Issues

– Dealing with large zones
– Dealing with lots of zones
– resource estimates (for sizing new servers)
– high-availability installations and technologies
– anycasting
– cooperate better with firewalls and load balancers
– auto-clustering?
– quagga support?
– multi-master
– support for fully mastered slave
– akin to powerdns “super masters”

– some debate over how much routing is appropriate inside dns
– do it all or just be fast
– does it make sense to send acl info over port 53? needed for cluster setup


– Deployment and Maintenance procedures
– in-line signing
– aka “bump on the wire” 9.9.0
– hidden master sends signed zones to slaves
– aka “signer in the middle”
– registry vs. registrar
– look at DomainKeys optionality
– DLV keys (don’t need a signed parent)
– zone monitoring is crucial
– 4 HSM known, $80k for qty 1
– some firefox plugins check ad bit
– dnssec slowest on negative answer, nsec3 worst

The event photos are available here and the slides are available under Attachments here.

Thanks to Facebook for hosting this event.

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