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The dream of a $800,000 dollar new personal jet died with the bankruptcy of Eclipse Aviation in 2008. Marketeers even changed the name of the category from “Very Light Jet” to “Personal Jet.”

A few patient buyers did get 85%-complete, flyable planes for around that price, and a total of 260 planes were shipped, but today a new personal jet starts at $3 million.

The world won’t see another $1 million jet until a cost-conscious manufacturer unafraid of product cannibalization steps forward. Robinson, are you listening? :)

New Single-Pilot Personal Jets
Mfg Model FAA Cert. Engines Avionics KTAS/NM (IFR)/PAX 2011 Price
Cessna Citation Mustang 510 2006 2 x PW615F-A G1000 340/1,150/5 $3.2
Cessna Citation M2 525 2013? 2 x FJ44-1AP-21 G3000 400/1,300/7 $4.195
Eclipse Sikorsky 550 2008 2 x PW610F Avio 375/1,125/4 $2.695*
Embraer Phenom 100 2008 2 x PW617-F G1000 390/1,160/4-6 $3.9
Honda HondaJet 2013? 2 x GE Honda HF120 G3000 425/1,180/6 $4.5*
Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A 2005 2 x FJ44-2A Collins Proline 21 450/1,400/6-7 $6.5?
Sino Swearingen SyberJet SJ30-2 2005 2 x FJ44-2A Honeywell 486/2,500/6 $7.5


– Eclipse 550 uses EA500 type certificate and will start assembly in Poland in 2013.
– Adam A700 never shipped before their bankruptcy.
– Diamond D-Jet has had funding problems, but is still in development in London, Canada.
– PiperJet Altaire is still in development or review. It will use 1xFJ44-3AP, G3000, goes 360/1,200 and target price is $2.8 million.
Eclipse Aerospace is selling upgraded EA500 as TE500 for $2.195 million. 375/1,125/4.
– Nextant 400XT is a FAA-certified remanufactured Beech 400 using 2xFADEC-controlled Williams FJ44-3AP engines with Collins Proline 20A avionics for $4-$5 million and goes 460/2,005/4.
Cirrus Vision SF50 is still in development and will use G1000 and 1xFJ33-4A-19 and will go 300/1,100/6.

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