Netflix and Cloud IT

I recently did some technical consulting for Netflix.

I can say that they are really, truly committed to cloud IT, per their public pronouncements. Most large companies are still just dipping a toe in the water, so it’s significant that Netflix took the plunge head-first.

They’re Java-centric and mainly use Open Source, with the notable exception of Perforce. 🙂

The following public links explain Netflix’s engineering philosophy.

Netflix Tech Blog Github Twitter
Adrian Cockcraft’s Slideshare Presentations Twitter
Joe Sondow’s Netflix Cloud Tools Keynote HTML Twitter

Sid Anand’s Practical Cloud Computing Blog Twitter
ASF Cassandra JIRA
Netflix overtakes Bittorrent as traffic champ

Jason Brown’s Software Carnival

AWS Forums: unusual ELB activity not from my domain
Jason Brown: Cassandra from the trenches: migrating Netflix
Why Netflix’s Facebook app would be illegal
Adrian Cockcroft reveals how Netflix is driving Amazon to the limit
Netflix Rolls Out Its Own CDN: Open Connect
Chaos Monkey released into the wild

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