MySQL Replication Error 1159

MySQL LogoInteresting spurious MySQL 5.1.57 replication error in an old production master-slave setup with correctly configured server-ids:

mysql> show slave status\G
Last_IO_Errno: 1159
Last_IO_Error: The slave I/O thread stops because a fatal error is encountered when it try to get the value of SERVER_ID variable from master. Error:

In this setup, it appears to be a wrongly-reported error message from a network connection timeout (iptables on the master is not configured to allow a new connection from the slave, only allowing established connections.)

To fix it, just do:

mysql> stop slave; start slave;

MySQL Manual: Replication Slave Options and Variables

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2 Responses to MySQL Replication Error 1159

  1. Tommy says:

    Hi, I just had this happen to me over the weekend. I got it fixed using this method, but why does this happen?

  2. shgn says:

    Thank you.
    I had the same problem and fixed in this way.!

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