Verizon Ends Unlimited Smartphone Data Plans

Verizon Logo with iPhoneI went down to a local Verizon branch to learn more about their $30 unlimited smartphone data plan before it expired.

The branch was packed with people of like mind.

At the stroke of 9 pm PST, the unlimited data plan SKU was deleted in the point-of-sale machines, so people in the middle of purchasing were out of luck.

Sadly, the staff did not announce that to the prospective customers, who had to wait in line and inquire when their turn arrived. They also did not prioritize customers interested in the expiring data plan sales over other general inquiries.

(After that SKU expired, the new plan was $30 for 2 GB.) Verizon Tells Customer To Get A Lawyer & A Subpoena To Get An Itemized Bill

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