Perl DBD::mysql Administrative Functions

MySQL LogoI was flipping through O’Reilly’s High Performance MySQL and noticed something handy on page 519 … $dbh->func(‘shutdown’,’admin’);

You can call 4 mysql_* C API functions from within Perl scripts using DBD::mysql, that are also exposed in mysqladmin:

$ perldoc DBD::mysql
$rc = $dbh->func('shutdown','admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('reload','admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('createdb',$database,'admin');
$rc = $dbh->func('dropdb',$database,'admin');

So you don’t need to shell out and call mysqladmin to shutdown a MySQL server.

Also nice, it would be trivial to add additional admin functions using the existing framework in DBD::mysql.

One example might be adding the status command, available to mysqladmin and the mysql command line client.

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