CentOS 6.0 Released

CentOS LogoCentOS 6.0 was released today.

This is great news.

I have used RHEL 6.0 before and the packages were fresh enough to do web development without any third-party repos. No need to install an old CentOS for servers and a fresher Ubuntu for web developers now.

The only wrinkles that I’ve read about so far are:

  1. CentOS6 requires Physical Address Extension (PAE) CPU support. (Presumably they’re only referring to the kernel and installer on 32-bit processors, and one could still build a non-PAE kernel from sources.)
  2. the text installer has reduced features. Some disk and package configuration screens are only available in the graphical installer, which is odd for an enterprise-oriented distro.
  3. Also, system service account UID/GID assignment is now calculated downwards from 499
  4. and ntp is configured to point at rhel.pool.ntp.org.

The release manager recommends doing a fresh CentOS 6.0 install, not an in-place upgrade of 4 or 5. (According to forum reports, attempting to do an upgrade to 6 will fail.)

The usual 2 to 3-month lag in repackaging RHEL turned into 8 months because the CentOS team decided, based on popular demand, to update 5.6 before tackling 6.0. (The Scientific Linux (SL) distro team chose the opposite approach.)

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