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Nice Comparison of Source Control Tools

Jens-Heiner Rechtien recently wrote a succint and accurate description and comparison of current Open Source source control tools on the OOo list. It should be helpful for users and managers trying to decide which to use. Re: Subversion & Git … Continue reading

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Hadoop Summit 2011, Santa Clara

About 1,500 attendees showed up for the fourth annual Hadoop Summit in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Executive Summary Hadoop (and related projects) have grown up into essential infrastructure tools – every dollar of Yahoo!’s revenue comes from Hadoop workflow … Continue reading

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Scalr Demo

I attended a demo of Scalr’s web-based cloud management tool today. Sebastian Stadil, co-founder, and colleague talked about using the hosted and Open Source versions of Scalr with AWS and Rackspace Cloud. Some of Scalr’s features: supports shell scripts as … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Velocity Conference Web Performance and Operations Conference 2011, Santa Clara

I was too busy to make it to the Velocity Conference this year from June 14-16, but here’s some talk links. YouTube: O’Reilly Velocity 2011 Playlist YouTube: Velocity 2011 Search Results YouTube: O’Reilly Velocity 2010 Playlist Overclocking SSL at Google … Continue reading

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MySQL Multiple Master Replication Problems

MySQL replication is an asynchronous process that has a limitation common to most databases – the multi-master writes problem. Simultaneous in-flight updates to the same keys overwrite each other, and inserts can collide, causing a duplicate key error. UPDATE Problem … Continue reading

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