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MySQL Comments Features and Limits

MySQL has various simple but useful comment features to make schemas and SQL statements more self-documenting. MySQL 5.5: CREATE TABLE A comment for the table, up to 2048 characters long (60 characters before MySQL 5.5.3). A comment for a column … Continue reading

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MySQL Conference 2011

I went to the MySQL Conference once again at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Executive Summary: The talks and informal conversations centered around these main issues: fragility of replication, and need for a global binlog ID and checksums stalls in … Continue reading

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CentOS 5.6 Available

CentOS 5.6 is available per the announcement. “Major changes in CentOS 5.6 compared to CentOS 5.5 include: ext4 is now a fully supported file system (parted does not support ext4, but gparted does. yum install e4fsprogs installs /sbin/mkfs.ext4.) libvirt was … Continue reading

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Local News: Safeway Opens on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell

The big news this week in Campbell, California is that Safeway opened a large new grocery store (#3241) on West Hamilton Avenue at Marathon Drive. The parking lot has been full for 2 days, so I guess everybody in town … Continue reading

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Fukushima Reactor Failures Comments

Whenever anybody asks me about the nuclear reactor problems in Japan, my reply is this. A few days after the tsunami, I saw a video of one of the reactors exploding, with a white high-explosive shock wave clearly visible above … Continue reading

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