Local News: Safeway Opens on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell

The big news this week in Campbell, California is that Safeway opened a large new grocery store (#3241) on West Hamilton Avenue at Marathon Drive.

The parking lot has been full for 2 days, so I guess everybody in town is there taking a look and filling up. According to local news, the promotional gasoline price is the lowest in town and up to 10 cents less than competitors.

They rebuilt a long-vacant Mervyns Department Store (flickr), to the great relief of city council, into a strip mall anchored by their own store, along with a gas bar.

(Because Proposition 13 limits property tax increases, city councils in California prefer retail development and the sales taxes it brings over residential development and its need for services like schools.)

As surprising as the scale of construction, even more so was the rapid move-in.

Of note is a sandwich deli adjacent to an in-store Starbucks with free wifi and a nice, quiet patio area outside.

Safeway Wifi Sign

There is also a sushi display (with a Japanese manager), a cheese display, and a yuppy olive bar, er, “antipasti” display island, with a dozen varieties of olives for $7.99/lb.

Overall, prices are competitive once you request a free Safeway Club Card. Otherwise, expect to pay about 40% more.

The location is an interesting one. Campbell has several large grocery stores, but none within a mile.

This is also the only public wifi spot for about that distance on Hamilton. (The Subway next door has wifi, but intended mainly for employee use.)

Notable restaurants in the area include Sushi Zono, Negeen Restaurant, the beloved Del Taco and City Pizza. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the additional foot traffic.

We’ll have to see how Oakmont Produce a block north fares. (One US retail analyst said, “smaller grocery stores are not long for this world.”)

950 W Hamilton Ave (at Marathon Drive)
Campbell, CA 95008
408 871 1272

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