Honshu, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Just monitoring the tsunami activity after the Honshu, Japan 8.9 earthquake:

“At 9:46 PM Pacific Standard Time on March 10, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8.9 occurred near the east coast of Honshu, Japan . (Refer to the United States Geological Survey for official earthquake parameters.)”

“This earthquake has generated a tsunami which could cause damage to coastal regions in a warning or advisory. The waves are expected to first reach Shemya, Alaska at 12:13 AM AKST on March 11.”

Measurements or reports of tsunami activity:

 Location                   Lat.   Lon.    Time        Amplitude
 ------------------------  -----  ------  -------     -----------
 Ofunato  Japan            39.0N  141.8E  0605UTC   10.8FT/03.29M
 Hanasaki  Japan           43.3N  145.6E  0643UTC   09.3FT/02.82M

Note that there have been over 30 5.0 to 7.1 aftershocks, as well as a 6.5 near Bali the night before.

Crescent City, California, was hammered by at least three tsunami waves, including one reaching a record 8.1 feet.

“Each was a little higher than the last,” said spokesman Joey Young of Del Norte County’s emergency operations center.

The tsunami brought waves of about 6 feet to a harbor in Maui, authorities said, but other areas reported lower levels, including Honolulu at 2.2 feet and Hilo at 4.3.

wsj.com: Waves Hit Hawaii, California; One Man Swept to Sea

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