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Reliably Migrating Data to MySQL

Beginning with MySQL 4.1 (and greatly improved in 4.1.1), MySQL has a couple of features to help detect problems when migrating data from another database to MySQL. Just emit INSERT statements as usual, but do the following: enable warnings with … Continue reading

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MySQL Server on Mac OS X and Windows

I normally run MySQL server on Linux where it’s meant to run, but for the past few weeks have been doing development and testing of small apps on notebook computers. Even on a notebook computer I recommend using a my.cnf … Continue reading

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Stanford: Jack Freedman talk “An Insider’s Perspective on Law & Hollywood”

The Stanford Entertainment and Sports Law Association (SESLA) hosted a talk by Hollywood lawyer Jack Freedman this afternoon titled “An Insider’s Perspective on Law & Hollywood.” Jack was former Warner Bros. VP of Worldwide Business Affairs, including the Legal Department. … Continue reading

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MySQL Report of Database Tables, Columns and Rows

MySQL 4.1+ has support for the very handy INFORMATION_SCHEMA metatables. Here is a summary report of tables, number of columns, number of rows and a sample of the column names for a database in SQL – without any scripting (note … Continue reading

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MySQL 5.1 Mac OS X Create Table Bug

A simple CREATE TABLE script kept failing when dropping and re-adding a small InnoDB table with mysqld 5.1.51 from ports on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) with the default filesystem … So I tried typing the SQL statements manually, including … Continue reading

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