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The “I Don’t Test Well” Student Excuse

A high school student in a TV interview today said, “I’m intelligent, but I don’t test well.” That’s alarming, since when I was a student in the 80’s, I never heard that excuse. Apparently it is a common rationalization that … Continue reading

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India Classified Go-Arounds as Violations

I had to read the Air India Express 737-800 Mangalore fatal airline accident news articles about 3 times before I could believe what they said: “According to the policies of the DGCA [the Indian equivalent of the FAA], if a … Continue reading

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Until this year I wasn’t very keen on validating HTML pages. If it looked ok in vi and looked ok on screen, then I was happy. But on one project I received really broken HTML and CSS from a designer. … Continue reading

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Business Ambient Displays

Telcos and large ISPs can afford the high setup and operating expense of control rooms (war rooms), but every business should at least have the miniature version of that – an “ambient display” or dashboard. An ambient display is a … Continue reading

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Comments on Online Account Security

I see that Facebook has been casting around, looking for some way to enhance security. They certainly have challenges: users with weak passwords application bugs advertising-supported, so cannot afford a lot of human-human account support user account lists circulating through … Continue reading

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