Movie Review: The Expendables

Jason Statham did a good job in “The Transporter”, so I decided to see what he was up to in “The Expendables.”

I hadn’t read any reviews, so was surprised to find the movie cast had every 80’s era action star one could think of, plus WWE and MMA wrestlers and Jet Li. Eric Roberts is completely believable as the villain.

Very little CGI is apparent in the film, so it has a vintage look to it. In this case that works out fine.

A real bonus was several minutes of aerial footage with a DC3 and original panel that is flown on missions.

I’d recommend sitting towards the back of the theater to take in all the action scene details. Some scenes have a lot going on.

Overall it’s a worthwhile film if you like action movies, though better writing could have really evened out the plot.

There’s a fair amount of humor, though my unintentional favorite was Mickey Rourke doing a monologue on humanity that would make Hamlet proud. I might pay to see the movie again just for that.

But imagine if a better writing team had been involved. This mid-budget movie could have accomplished a lot more than just another popcorn shoot-em-up, possibly an ensemble analogy to Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven.”

After seeing the movie, an LA Times article indicates that the production budget was $82 million (sort of a minimum baseline for making a Hollywood film these days) which was pre-sold to foreign and domestic distributors … ie. can’t lose money deal.

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